Is Coconut Oil Good For You? Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

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Is coconut oil good for you?

Coconut oil is one of the most recognized weight loss friendly fat all over the world and rightly so. For starters, the oil has a unique combination of fatty acids, which has amazing effects on the metabolism. A lot of studies have shown that you can lose fat quickly just by adding coconut oil to your diet, most especially those stubborn fat in the abdominal cavity. 

So, in this short video, you’re going to learn how coconut oil can help you shed off those unnecessary fat from your body. 

Coconut helps the body to burn fat faster: With coconut oil, you’ll be able to eat less without feeling tired or weak, because it enhances your body’s ability to properly digest food. More so, coconut oil will naturally elevate your mood, which will make you feel less stressed, and be able to participate in a healthy cardiovascular activities when taken on a regular basis. These activities will contribute to your fat burnout rate. 

Reduce fat in the abdominal area: Coconut oil is known to increase metabolism and reduce appetite. This means that it can help you shed off some fat, most especially the fat in the abdominal area when used regularly. 

Keeps you full at all times: Consumption of coconut oil will keep you full at all times. This means that your urge to eat food will be reduced, thereby helping you control weight gain. 

Balances the body’s blood sugar: The importance of maintaining the body’s blood sugar levels cannot be overemphasized, and coconut oil will help you do just that. This can be attributed to the fact that coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids, that are easily burned for energy without shooting up insulin like sugar would. 

Now How to use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

You can use Coconut Oil when baking: Use coconut oil for all your “bakeables”. Whether you’re baking pies, cookies or cupcakes, adding coconut oil to the mix will provide you with a lot of health benefits. 

Use coconut oil in place of other oils: When roasting some products, use coconut oil instead of using cooking oil mixed with marinade as you can have a lot of coconut oil health benefits when using it.

Add it to your oatmeal: Add a teaspoon of coconut oil to other healthy ingredients when making your oatmeal. You may want to include some nuts and some berries placed on top to give it a unique taste. 

Add it to your beverages: Use coconut oil with your beverages such as hot drinks, green tea or coffee. Just add it to any beverage of choice before consumption. 

There are many types of coconut oil in the marketplace. So, when buying your coconut oil, ensure you only buy from a reputable brand that offers organic coconut oil, pure and unrefined extra virgin oil, as this is the only type that contains all the essential micronutrients.

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