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Vitamin C does much more than just fight colds. There is a way to target foods high in Vitamin C in recipes for your juices to make fat burning an easy process. It has been proven that Vitamin C plays an important role in boosting metabolism and aiding weight loss. In this short video, we will be taking a closer look at the benefits of vitamin C to the body and how it can help you lose weight. 

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid is a water soluble vitamin and it functions as an antioxidant in the body. What this means is that the nutrient neutralizes free radicals that can cause cell damage in the body. As this nutrient is water soluble, our body does not have the ability to produce or store it. So, in order to ensure that we always have the proper amount of vitamin C in our system, we have to get it from the food we eat on regular basis, since vitamin c deficiency can lead to health problems. 

How can vitamin C help with weight loss?

If you’ve been making use of juicing recipes for weight loss, you may have noticed that you tend to get better results when you include more foods high in vitamin C. Studies have shown that eating foods very rich in vitamin C can increase the rate at which fat burn during exercises. This is as a result of the amazing teamwork between vitamin C and antioxidant carnitine.  

What carnitine does is help your body turn fat into energy. Even though your body can produce carnitine, vitamin C will be required in other to activate it. Carnitine on the other hand boosts the workings of vitamin C in the body. 

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition has it that if one has a healthy level of vitamin C in their body, fat burning can be up to 30% during exercises. Therefore, to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefir from your exercises, you should top up with a juice rich in vitamin C in time. Also, the teamwork between carnitine and vitamin C can enable you exercise for longer periods, as it gives you more energy. 

If you’re finding it very difficult to lose weight, even though you exercise all the time, try consuming more foods high in vitamin C such as tomatoes, watermelon, papaya, orange, cranberries, spinach, green beans, romaine lettuce, cabbage, green bell pepper, blueberries, mango, red bell pepper, broccoli, etc. 

You can start your day tomorrow by taking grapefruit or orange juice in the morning before hitting the road. It's your body, so take care of it. 

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Exercising regularly and eating good foods will certainly help you lose weight. However, adding vitamins and supplements to your routine will be an advantage as it will help restore the nutrients your body is lacking if you’re on a restricted diet. More still, some of the ingredients of the multivitamin can help keep you full and subsequently aid in weight loss. In this short video, we will be looking at why Multivitamins are important for weight loss. 

People that take multivitamin supplements can possibly meet their daily requirements of various vitamins and minerals needed by the body. This is why they have improved metabolism and effective functioning of various body functions, which in turn aids with weight loss. They also have decreased appetite and lower body fat percentage, as opposed to those who don’t take the supplements. 

How multivitamins for weight loss works

Multivitamins work in various ways when it comes to reducing weight. Vitamins such as BI, B2, B3, and B6 are integral part of multivitamins and as such are very necessary for digestion. Therefore, if you’re taking multivitamin supplements, you’ll have an improved digestion, which will make you have better control of your weight. 

When your body lacks some nutrients such as zinc and B6, there will be a reduction in the level of serotonin produced from the brain, which will subsequently lead to increase in appetite. Therefore, when you take multivitamin supplements, it will help reduce your appetite, as well as control your weight. 
Some nutrients also keep the body’s metabolism in check and control blood sugar level, thereby assisting with weight management. 

How many multivitamins should one have?

The dosage for most supplements is one capsule per day. It’s recommended to have these supplements 6 times per week because most of them contain a higher amount than the prescribed daily allowance of nutrients. 
If you’re taking multivitamin, multi-mineral supplement, then take it one hour before or after food. They shouldn’t be taken with meals unlike when you’re having only multivitamin supplement. 

Is multivitamin supplement for everybody?

Individuals with multiple allergies particularly lactose and gluten allergy should desist from taking multivitamin supplements because oftentimes lactose and gluten are used as binders in these supplements. 
If you’re prone to kidney stones, then you should avoid taking multi-mineral supplements unless with a doctor’s prescription. 

Also, pregnant women and smokers should avoid taking vitamin A supplements as excess amount of it increases the risk of birth defects for pregnant women and lung cancer in smokers. 
You’ll need to decrease your caloric intake by changing your diet, as consuming only multivitamin on a daily basis cannot make you lose weight. Go for healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and lean protein in addition to 30-40 minutes exercise on most days of the week. This will help your body burn fat, as well as produce lean muscle. What will improve your overall health and weight in the longrun is the combination of frequent exercise, calorie restriction and daily consumption of multivitamins. 

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So, you want to lose weight by cutting down your calorie intake? However, you’re at crossroads because you don’t know how many calories that’s needed to lose weight. One thing you need to understand is that every woman has different calorie needs that varies according to body size, age, activity level, and genetics. This means that a particular weight loss diet that worked for someone else might not work for you.  
For effective weight loss, you’ll have to estimate the number of calories you personally need to eat in a day to lose weight and then apply that to your diet plan. 

Calculating your Calories Per Day

The Harris-Benedict equation can help you estimate your basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is the number of calories you need to maintain your weight on a daily basis regardless of exercise or other daily activity. A lot of online calculators make use of this equation to provide you with a quick answer, however you can put pen to paper and figure it out for yourself. Put your numbers into the following: 655 + (4.35 x your weight in pounds) + (4.7 x your height in inches) - (4.7 x your age in years). For example, the result for a 40-year-old, who is 5-foot, 5 inch and weighs 160 pounds, will be 1,468 calories.

The next thing would be to keep track of the movements you make during the day. If you’re not an active person and you spend most of your time watching television, reading or just sitting then multiply your basal metabolic rate by 1.4. If you’re a little bit active, maybe you’ve a job that requires you to sit throughout the day, but you do exercise whenever you get the chance, multiply your BMR by 1.5. On the other hand, if you engage in active activities during the day like house cleaning and chores, and still exercise on regular basis, then multiply your BMR by 1.6. If you’re a construction worker, a full-time athlete or an active military, multiply your BMR by 1.9. 

Figuring out Weight Loss Calories

The provided calculations are meant to help you with the estimation of the number of calories you need to burn on a daily basis, as well as how much to eat to keep your weight in check. The conventional advice when trying to lose weight is to reduce 500 to 1000 calories from what you normally burn daily. This will yield a manageable loss of 1 to 2 pounds in a week because 1 pound equals 3,500 calories. Therefore, if you decide to be burning 2,400 calories every single day, you’ll need 1,400 to 1,900 calories each day in order to lose weight. 

The 500 to 1000 calorie deficit may be just too aggressive for some people because it will end up leaving you hungry and dissatisfied. Even though a calorie deficit of 250 to 300 calories may be more sustainable for many people, you can only expect to lose ½ pound each week. 

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How to burn belly fat? What foods should you eat to shed off the excess abdominal fat?
Well, you need a diet plan that includes foods with the right quantity of vitamins and other essential ingredients that’s required to promote the hormones needed to burn fat throughout the body. Outlined in this short video are 8 best foods that burn belly fat. 

Grapefruit: Fitness experts has it that incorporating grapefruit in your daily diet can actually fasten your weight loss target, and you don’t really need to make a lot of changes in your diet to achieve that. The high water content of grapefruits help in keeping you hydrated. Also, the fruit contains fat burning enzymes, which makes it a super food for weight loss. 

Yogurt: Yogurt is made up four different bioactive compounds that can help you in shedding off the excess belly fat. In addition, its probiotics contents are good for digestion and they help you stay full. 

Avocado: You may not know it, but avocado is a truly magic fruit and this is mostly because of their richness in various important nutrients. The presence of monounsaturated fatty acids in this fruit helps in burning of belly fat, plus it’s fiber content helps in keeping hunger at bay. 

Cucumber: Cucumber is one of the most refreshing foods and they have low-calorie content as well. One full cucumber contains about 45 calories, making it the perfect food for your stomach. In addition, they contain approximately 96 percent water, thereby making it one of the best cooling foods you can eat to stay healthy. 

Lean meats and fish: Perfect examples of these types of foods are tuna, salmon, chicken and turkey, as they are full of omega-3s and as a result can prevent stress chemicals that promote fat abs. Of course, you shouldn’t eat meat if you’re a vegetarian, but if you insist, turkey and chicken are healthier options. 

Barley: Another good food to burn belly fat is barley. It’s high fiber and protein content, and low fat content helps in reducing cravings, as well as provide the body with a steady supply of energy. 

Pomegranates: Various studies on the health benefits of this fruit has it that its polyphenols antioxidant content helps to increase metabolism and get rid of toxins from the body. In addition, pomegranates help in lowering your appetite. So, it’s ideal to drink a glass of pomegranate juice during breakfast or just add it to your salad bowl before lunch.

Cherries: Eating some tart Montmorency cherries before going to bed is an ideal option because aside from its high melatonin content that can help you sleep well, it’s also a strong antioxidant and can accelerate the burning of belly fat. 

If you’ve been looking to shed off that frustrating belly fat, the mentioned fat burning foods will be a great help. Just incorporate them in your diet plan and you’ll be good.  

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How to sleep better?

Aside from eating well and exercising, sleep is equally very important to losing weight. Lack of sleep not only impacts negatively on the body’s metabolism, but also increases hunger. Slow metabolism and increase in hunger are two ingredients for steady weight gain. So how to fall asleep fast and get the best rest possible? The 9 sleeping practices outlined in this video will help keep you refreshed and also take control of your weight. 

1. Maintain a sleep schedule: Keeping to a sleep schedule will help improve the quality of your sleep. You can choose a bedtime when you know you readily fall asleep without tossing and turning. You should wake up naturally without an alarm clock if you’re getting enough sleep. 

2. Be smart about napping: if you have trouble sleeping at night, one good way of catching up on lost sleep at night is through napping. However, you need to be smart about it. Limit it to around 15 minutes or more in the early afternoon and you should be good. 

3. Never go to bed on an empty stomach: This doesn’t mean you should stuff your “gut” with any food you can lay your hands on at night, as going to bed on a full stomach can interfere with your sleep patterns just as much as having an empty stomach before your bedtime. A light snack 1 to 2 hours before your bedtime is enough. Avoid foods high in carbohydrates and concentrate on high protein foods like soy beans, turkey, yogurt… 

4. Drink a warm beverage: Recommended warm beverages are a glass of warm chamomile tea or milk. Most herbal tea without caffeine content as good as well. 

5. Cut caffeine intake by late afternoon: Caffeine effects can last up to 12 hours even you drank it early in the day. This includes cocoa, coffee, black tea, and caffeinated soda. 

6. Exercise daily: Engaging in daily exercise will help get your body ready for rest at night. Although vigorous exercise is the best, but any light exercise will do. 

7. Make your room “sleep-conducive”: Design your room in a way that it’s very conducive for you to sleep. Do away with any disturbing lights at night and keep your bedroom cool at a temperature of between 60 and 67 degrees. 

8. Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows. Your mattress and pillow is meant to provide you with full support and comfort while you sleep. If your mattress is more than 7 years old, you should get a new one because your body and bed will naturally change with time. Pillows should be replaced every year however. 

9. Take a hot bath: Taking a hot bath at night will help relax your body and prepare you for sleep. 
Doing these things will definitely help you sleep better, as well as help you get out of bed in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for the new day.

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There is no doubt that water is very important to the human body. Water plays a vital role in every aspect of life and the body contains around 70% of it. However, it becomes a problem when the body retains excess water, which is a common side effect of chronic inflammation. This can be as a result of poor diet, toxin exposure, food intolerances and diseases like kidney failure, which is likely to impact negatively on your appearance and overall quality of life. Explained in this short video are 6 effective ways of reducing water weight fast and safe.

1. Minimize your sodium intake: Minimizing your intake of sodium is one of the important steps to take in order to reduce bloat because of its immediate effect on the way kidney controls water balance in the body. Maybe you don’t know it, but too much salt can make the body to retain water, thereby leading to swelling and bloating. It’s recommended that no single individual should exceed 2,400 milligrams of sodium (roughly a teaspoonful of salt) a day.

2. Take more water: Water helps in flushing out excess sodium from the bloodstream and this releases retained water from your body. So, you should drink at least 64 ounces of water each day. 

3. Eat potassium rich foods: One of the essential elements in the diet that’s responsible for fluid balance in the body is potassium. Fluid retention in the body can be caused by low amount of potassium. Include fruits like banana, apricots, oranges, mango, avocado, and papaya in your diet, as well as vegetables and legumes such as carrots, acorn, peas, dried beans, artichokes, and lentils. Focusing on foods with potassium may help your body release excess water. 

4. Engage in at least 30 minutes of physical activity: One of the best ways to get rid of excessive water weight is to get your body sweating. You can do this by engaging in at least 30 minutes of exercise every week. This will boost your metabolism and heart rate. More still, sweating during exercises draws substances such as sodium out through the pores of the body, thereby reducing the possibility of water weight. 

5. Consume water loss supplements: There are many water loss supplements in the form of pills in the marketplace today. You can use these supplements to speed up the water weight loss process. 

6. Sleep for additional 30 minutes every day: Not many people sleep the recommended 8 hours of sleep every day. However, if you’re looking to cut down your water weight, you should add additional 30 minutes to your sleep hours. Doctors recommend at least 9 hours of sleep daily for individuals that want to get rid of water weight fast. 

These tips can help you be on your way to loosing water weight fast without having to starve while keeping you healthy and happy!

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A lot of people have turned to acupuncture as a weight loss method.  Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice is an effective method of boosting weight loss when on a diet. Here’s how acupuncture can help your weight loss goals.

The reason why acupunture is used for weight loss is because it can solve the energy distribution problem of the body that normally causes weight gain. Chinese medicine has it that what causes obesity is the disruption of energy flow of the body, which results to the malfunctioning of certain organs such as kidneys, spleen, and digestive system. These disruption of energy flow also affects a part of the brain called hypothalamus, which controls the rate of hunger and thirst of the body. 
More still, these disruptions of energy impact negatively on fat accumulation, water retention, and stress development, which is the main contributor of our extra pounds weight. 

Acupuncture increases metabolism, improves the cholesterol levels and the functioning of the intestines. Also, it helps in improving moods and reduce stress by releasing specific neurotransmitters to the body. Most importantly, it helps suppress appetite, thereby keeping you full at all time. 

Acupuncture appears to be quite effective at reducing body mass and aiding weight loss when used together with diet and exercise. However, before you start using acupuncture for weight loss, you’ll need to discuss with your acupuncturist about the real cause of your weight gain. Some people gain weight as a result of stress – here, the best weight loss method will be to help the individual relax more often. For others, habitual eating may be the reason for weight gain – here, treatment will be focused on problems related to cravings. 

When your acupuncturist must have identified the problem, he/she will now be able to decide the appropriate combination of points to push the needles for about 2mm. This is done to break up the energy nodes that are causing disruption to the proper functioning of your body.

The most important points to be observed for acupuncture weight loss are:  

Stomach – to prevent compulsive snacking
Mouth – for those who eat too much
Kidneys – for water retention treatment
Lungs – to treat addiction to certain foods
Spleen – to solve sugar related problems

It’s advised that you follow 2 sessions every week for about 2 to 3 months. Researchers recommend that pairing acupuncture treatments with other healthy lifestyle choices like portion control, healthy foods, and regular physical activity, will lead to amazing results – Always remember that.
Good luck with your weight loss goals!

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Is coconut oil good for you?

Coconut oil is one of the most recognized weight loss friendly fat all over the world and rightly so. For starters, the oil has a unique combination of fatty acids, which has amazing effects on the metabolism. A lot of studies have shown that you can lose fat quickly just by adding coconut oil to your diet, most especially those stubborn fat in the abdominal cavity. 

So, in this short video, you’re going to learn how coconut oil can help you shed off those unnecessary fat from your body. 

Coconut helps the body to burn fat faster: With coconut oil, you’ll be able to eat less without feeling tired or weak, because it enhances your body’s ability to properly digest food. More so, coconut oil will naturally elevate your mood, which will make you feel less stressed, and be able to participate in a healthy cardiovascular activities when taken on a regular basis. These activities will contribute to your fat burnout rate. 

Reduce fat in the abdominal area: Coconut oil is known to increase metabolism and reduce appetite. This means that it can help you shed off some fat, most especially the fat in the abdominal area when used regularly. 

Keeps you full at all times: Consumption of coconut oil will keep you full at all times. This means that your urge to eat food will be reduced, thereby helping you control weight gain. 

Balances the body’s blood sugar: The importance of maintaining the body’s blood sugar levels cannot be overemphasized, and coconut oil will help you do just that. This can be attributed to the fact that coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids, that are easily burned for energy without shooting up insulin like sugar would. 

Now How to use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

You can use Coconut Oil when baking: Use coconut oil for all your “bakeables”. Whether you’re baking pies, cookies or cupcakes, adding coconut oil to the mix will provide you with a lot of health benefits. 

Use coconut oil in place of other oils: When roasting some products, use coconut oil instead of using cooking oil mixed with marinade as you can have a lot of coconut oil health benefits when using it.

Add it to your oatmeal: Add a teaspoon of coconut oil to other healthy ingredients when making your oatmeal. You may want to include some nuts and some berries placed on top to give it a unique taste. 

Add it to your beverages: Use coconut oil with your beverages such as hot drinks, green tea or coffee. Just add it to any beverage of choice before consumption. 

There are many types of coconut oil in the marketplace. So, when buying your coconut oil, ensure you only buy from a reputable brand that offers organic coconut oil, pure and unrefined extra virgin oil, as this is the only type that contains all the essential micronutrients.

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What to eat for breakfast to lose weight?

The importance of breakfast for a healthy living cannot be overemphasized. Maybe you don’t know it, but individuals who begin their day with a healthy breakfast, are able to stick to their weight loss goals more than those who don’t. In this video, I’ll give you 8 healthy breakfast ideas to start your day to lose weight.

Oatmeal (with Fruit): Oats contain a lot of minerals, vitamins, fiber and some proteins. You can create a healthy breakfast by mixing fruit and raw nuts or seeds together. If you suspect you may not have time in the morning for breakfast, then try overnight oats, which can be prepared in a jar the previous night, and then grabbed when going out. 

Whole Grain Toast: Spread some almond butter on a bread, and add few slices of fruit such as strawberries or bananas to create a hearty breakfast. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes even if you’re in a hurry.

Vegetable Omelet: Nothing like a delicious veggie omelet in the morning. Vegetables are one of the main contributors of healthy carbohydrates, plus the eggs will give you clean protein that will keep you energized the entire day. You can use any combination of vegetables as it appeals to you. 

Green-Smoothies: If you want just the perfect breakfast for a crazy morning, then the green-smoothie is what you need. You can quickly whip up one serving in a “ to go” blender cup. Start with frozen berries or bananas, add a chunk of spinach or kale leaves, pour in some almond milk thereafter and then in a blender. 

Green Tea: There are many benefits of taking green tea in the morning. For starters, just like water, it helps in keeping the body hydrated. It also has some weight loss and heart-protective benefits. More still, one study has it that green tea can speed the fat burning rate of the body.

Spread peanut butter on slices of apples: Apple contains quercetin that helps in the prevention of certain types of cancer and heart diseases. Peanut butter on the other hand contains fat and protein. Thus, their combination is a good of the day any time. 

Unsweetened orange juice: Drinking 3 cups of unsweetened orange juice every morning will boost your immune system and improve your cholesterol levels as a result of their vitamin C content. Try a couple of oranges if drinking 3 cups is too much for you.

Yogurt Parfait: Forget about all those sugary parfaits from McDonald’s and Starbucks, and start making your own parfait at home. You can begin with simple Greek yogurt, just cut up some of your favorite fruits, add some nuts, cooked quinoa and start layering. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it keeps you energized for the day’s activities. And when you incorporate any of these easy breakfast ideas, you’ll feel healthier, plus it will help you achieve your weight loss plan faster.

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There is no one that doesn’t like to eat healthy. So today, you’ll be learning the best ways on how to eat healthy. Eating healthy means feeling better every single day and losing weight along the way without having to count calories. You should know that eating heart healthy foods can help prevent serious diseases such as heart disease, obesity and type II diabetes. 

Here are 8 small steps to take each week with a view to improving your nutrition and achieving a healthier you:

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
Go with orange and dark-green vegetables such as sweet potatoes, broccoli and tomatoes along with other vegetables when taking your meals. Take enough fruits and vegetables and you can be sure of getting the right amount of minerals, vitamins and fiber your body needs for a healthier look. 

Eat varieties of lean protein-foods
For lean protein foods, go with poultry foods like chicken or turkey breast, or ground beef for the label says 90% lean or higher. You can make your selection among other protein food group such as seafood, eggs, dry beans or peas, nuts, etc. 

Eat whole grains
Try to make half of the grains you eat whole grains and the best way to do this is to switch from refined-grains to whole-grain foods. For instance, you should start eating whole-wheat bread instead of white bread. When buying food products, choose ones that first list the whole-grain ingredients such as “whole wheat”, “bulgur”, “brown rice”, “rolled oats”, etc.

Choose lower sodium food products
Read the Nutrition Facts label when buying foods like bread, soup and frozen meals. Choose the ones where the label says something like “reduced sodium”, “low sodium”, or “no salt added”.

Choose fat-free or low-fat milk
Whether you choose fat-free milk or low-fat milk, they both have the same calcium content and other essential nutrients as the whole milk. The only difference is that they contain less saturated fat and fewer calories. 

Drink water in place of sugary drinks
If you’re serious about cutting calories, then you have to do away with sugary drinks such as energy drinks, soda and sports drinks. Drink water or unsweetened beverages instead. You can add a slice of watermelon, lime or lemon to the glass of water for some flavor. 

Cut back on solid fats
Eat less of solid fat foods for a healthier body. These solid fat foods are usually gotten from cookies, cakes, pizza, and fatty meats such as hot dogs, sausages, ribs and bacon.

Eat some seafood
Seafood are one of the best healthy foods to eat, they contains minerals, protein and omega-3 fatty acids needed for a healthy body. They include fish (e.g. tuna, salmon and trout) and shellfish (e.g. mussels, oysters and crabs). 

Remember that eating a heart healthy diet doesn’t happen all at once. It takes one-step at a time. Making some small changes in the right direction can help keep you healthy and improve your life in the long run.

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Many people don’t know that they don’t have to always eat meat to get protein into their diet. Besides meat, there are a number of vegetables that you can eat to get just right amount of protein you need to help you lose weight faster. Moreover, the choice of vegetables over meat is more healthier, as it reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease and even some types of cancers. Here are 9 vegetables high in protein and can replace meat any time or day. 

You can find this vegetable baked into casseroles, everyday salad, cream, steam or added to soups. They contain up to 3 grams of protein, and can keep you filled for hours without unnecessary in-between meal bites. 

Peas are easily added to most of the meals we eat. Each serving of peas will give you 8 grams of protein. Go for the frozen organic peas, as they are more convenient and healthier.

This is a vegetable that can be added to salads, blending them into a hummus and having them baked in the oven with a little buffalo sauce. They contain 8 grams of protein per serving and it’s a good way to get just the right amount of protein you need for the day. 

Potatoes are usually not eaten alone and this increases their value, whether added to a stew or topped with cheese. They are a favorite with many individuals, but most of us don’t realize how much protein it contains, you can get 5 grams of protein from just a medium sized potato. 

A cup of broccoli contains 3 grams of protein and it’s a good source of fiber as well. You can add it to almost anything such as pasta, pizza and rice dishes. If you want a real treat, try roasting broccoli in the oven with extra virgin oil and some garlic, then sprinkle it with fresh parmesan cheese after taking it out of the oven. You’re going to love the taste!

Corn contains 5 grams of protein whether it’s frozen or on the cob. In addition to the protein content, it’s also a good source of fiber. So, you may want to consider adding it to your weekly diet, as you stand to benefit a lot. 

There are many ways to eat artichokes such as steamed, blended or roasted and they are quite delicious. One large artichokes contains 5 grams of protein and can keep you full for longer periods as a result of their high protein content. 

A single cup of lentils can offer you up to 18 grams of protein. They can be included in various cuisine such as burgers, soup and rice. 

A cup of this vegetable when cooked contains 28 grams of protein. In addition to this, it also contains 15 grams of fats and 17 grams of carbs. Soybeans promotes digestive and cardiovascular health, and will make a great addition to your family’s diet. 

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One of the biggest factors of an unhealthy body is stress and this can affect individuals in various ways. Some of the known symptoms of stress include insomnia, pains, headaches, low energy, rapid heartbeat and tense muscles. If you’re serious about losing weight and improving your overall happiness, then it’s time to start thinking of ways to relieve stress.

In this video, you’re going to learn some best effective techniques on how to deal with stress.

Take a cup of green tea – Drinking a cup of green tea is one of the effective ways of relieving stress. In addition, having a hot drink will help you to relax. Green tea is one of the best drinks for relaxation and it has other amazing health benefits. More so, green tea contains an amino acid called thiamine, which helps with relaxation and in reduction of the effects of any caffeine taken during the day.

Find a way to laugh – Laughter offers instant stress relief and a good laughter can last you for a long period. This can be by watching something funny or hanging out with funny friends. When it comes to the question of how to relieve stress, laughing quite often will go a long way in relieving your stress. Start by checking out funny videos on YouTube or by searching for a comedy program on the TV. A good laughter will take your mind off your problems and make you feel better.

Have a long bath – Taking a nice long bath when the need arises is a great way of relieving stress. A good hot bath will help your muscles to relax and you’ll start feeling the stress leave your body the moment you step into the water. Reinforce that feeling of having left everything about work behind when you get home by taking a nice long hot bath.

Take more water – Sometimes when you’re feeling tired, it’s simply because you maybe a little dehydrated. Taking a glass of water will get you back to your old self, particularly after exercise.

Listen to music – Studies have shown that listening to music is of the good relaxation techniques and can help one relive stress. Listening to your favorite music album for at least 30 minutes will lower heart rates and stress level.

Sleep well – Getting a good amount of sleep will increase your energy and help you fight stress. However, if you think that getting at least good eight hours of sleep every night is impossible because you find trouble getting to sleep, create a routine of going to bed at the same time every night and clearing your head of everything about the day before going to bed.

Spend quality time with family and friends – Spending a good time with your family and friends is a good way of relieving stress. Playing with children is one of best stress reliever after the day’s work. You can’t stay stressed when you play with kids.